Commissioner-Elect Fitzgerald

Thank you City of Lake Wales


Commissioner-Elect Fitzgerald


  • Lake Wales High School graduate Class of 1998

  • US Air Force veteran, honorably discharged

  • Senior Administrator-Director of Residential Life at Local boarding school

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

  • Qualified Supervisor (For counseling interns)

  • MBA graduate 

  • MA graduate from Webster University

  • Doubled Major at University of South Florida earning BAs in Psychology and criminology, graduating magna cum laude

Believes in the vision of Lake Wales being inclusive, embracing diversity and progressly moving forward with our WHOLE community in mind while restoring the heartbeat of the city!

Integrity, service and community are the center of my core values. Which were instilled at an early age right here in Lake Wales. 

I have proven to put my country first, as I will put Lake Wales First(after of course Riah-my daughter). Our children are looking to us for guidance and our elderly (seasoned) community need to lean on us now.  They paved the way for many of us, and we now pave the way for our children and their children.  It is time for change, and that time is NOW. I believe we can effectively and strategically address key areas in our community: 

  1. It is concerning that citizens feel unheard & uncared for, I will actively listen to our whole community. I will embrace diversity and inclusivity and help restore unity throughout our entire community. 

  2. Our town needs innovative ideas and strategic planning, for sustainable economic and business development  that is obtainable for all citizens. 

  3. You are not in this alone.  Having 49% below poverty rate in the Northwest section and 37% overall, there is a great need to invest in our children's social, emotional, educational, nutritional and behavioral health needs.  It is vital that we see an increase in youth services and recreational facilities. 

The need for direct internet access, job training, transportation, social skill development, life skills, career assessment and mentors would shift in a positive direction that our children and community need.  I believe if we move swiftly and precisely, the term "covid kids" will not linger, not here, not in our town. 

I stand with our citizens, I understand the concerns of the working class citizens, the single parents and the veterans in our town.  I will be the City Commissioner for those who vote for me and those who may not. I am not afraid to stand alone. I will always stand firm for what I believe in and doing the right thing. I am 100% for Lake Wales. I am Kris Fitzgerald and I approve this message. 



Thank you for your interest in Kris Fitzgerald Campaign. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.
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