Buying weed online has become a pleasant habit for thousands of Italians in recent years, as they grapple with the possibility of purchasing their own variants of legal cannabis without leaving their homes. A reality made possible by the efforts of CBD shops like ours, where you can safely, conveniently, and confidentially buy the best strains of marijuana online and have it delivered to your door within 24/48 hours.
But how does a CBD shop function? What are its characteristics? And why is it able to safely reserve the best legal marijuana online for you?
CBD SHOP, how does it work?

Starting with the basics, we can’t help but summarize how CBD stores are digital outlets where you are allowed to buy legal cannabis online, staying right in your home, and receiving it on the doorstep in an anonymous package, which does not reveal the contents.
This is obviously a very appealing option, which many customers have chosen to pursue and would not give up for anything in the world today!
Then again, it is hard to beat the typical advantages and benefits of legal cannabis shops: qualified, professional and convenient service, accompanied by the widest range of marijuana varieties you could ever wish for, and customer support that only at CBD Therapy will you find so prompt, helpful and prepared.
Why are CBD stores open?

CBD SHOP exist mainly due to the regulatory evolution that has taken place in our country, which has gradually made it possible for them to operate legally and safely.
Law No. 241/2016, which went into effect on January 1, 2017, deserves special mention for making it possible to distinguish between legal marijuana (which you can find in our shop) and illegal marijuana (which cannot be purchased in any store).
The amount of THC present in the products sold is the main discriminator between the two components: the percentage of THC considered safe, as it is devoid of any psychoactive effect, is less than 0.2%, with a tolerance up to 0.6% in the case where this threshold exceedance is not attributable to a voluntary act by the grower.
As a result of the preceding, once this last percentage is exceeded, the marijuana sold is no longer legal and is subject to the penalties imposed by our legislature.

Aside from the legal aspects, you will be interested in the fact that CBD shops sell a variety of products that will enhance your experience with light cannabis.
For example, you will not struggle to notice that in the best CBD shops you can find inflorescences and resins, seeds and herbal teas, teas and infusions, sweets and candies, and so on. In short, a wide range of alternatives that demonstrate today how diverse the range of products that are legally obtainable from the hemp plant is.
Then, in terms of their properties, one does not need to be an expert to understand that cannabis has a wide range of health benefits: consider the possibility of effectively treating anxiety and insomnia.

How to buy legal cannabis in CBD shops

This brings us to the main topic of today’s in-depth discussion: how to buy legal cannabis in CBD shops in a safe and convenient manner.
Well, the fundamental starting point of this journey is certainly the need to know one’s needs and to inform oneself about all the products. And that is exactly what we strive to do on our blog every week: provide insights that will help you understand how to best use our products and reap the most benefits.
After that, and once you’ve gained the knowledge you need to make an informed decision for yourself, we’d like to remind you that our customer service is always available to lend you a more direct, concrete, and specific hand. You can contact us using the information on each page of the site: we will be happy to meet any of your needs!
Shop your favorite products

All that remains is for you to purchase your favorite products!
All you have to do is read the updated information we have reserved for you and, if the products you see are what you are looking for, place them in the electronic shopping cart.
At the end of your shopping, confirm the items you’ve added to your cart and indicate your shipping address and payment method.
You will receive them in an anonymous and confidential package that does not reveal the contents of the package within 48 hours of placing your order (although, we reiterate, light marijuana is now completely legal).

Why should you go to a reputable CBD store?

The study’s conclusion can only be interpreted as an invitation. The one that should lead you to only buy legal and certified products, putting an end to any temptation to buy illegal marijuana.
Also remember to always choose a CBD SHOP that can provide you with the best reassurances about the safety and legality of its products, as we are in the habit of doing every day. Then, look at the reviews and ratings that previous customers have left on the CBD shop: this will provide you with additional reassurance about your decision.
If you have any remaining doubts, keep in mind that a good way to test the legitimacy of a CBD shop is to contact its customer service. The time and the way they respond certainly constitute an essential telltale in order to be able to realize if you have in front of you a serious and professional legal marijuana e-commerce, or an improvised seller who might instead not be able to offer you all the quality You should deserve!

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