Five good reasons to grow your own herbs

Five good reasons to grow your own herbs post thumbnail image

1. Enjoy how herbs smell and look
Herbs are very popular because they add color, fragrance and beauty to our homes.
Herbs simply look great in or around our home, especially basil, lavender, … but many others look great too. The smell of indoor herbs can be very nice too, for instance mint and basil fills our home with fragrance and greenery every day. Try stroking with your hands across their leaves and you will smell immediately what I mean.
herb garden indoor don’t require much space and can be grown indoors, in fact, some herbs prefer the indoors like on a kitchen countertop or windowsill. Planted in pots they are a beautiful and aromatic addition to our homes.
2. An exciting new hobby
Growing herbs is a great and interesting challenge.
While some herbs are easy to grow, some are a little more challenging, making indoor herb gardening an interesting hobby without being frustrating; we will make sure that won’t happen.
Every time you will see your new herbs beginning to sprout, you will feel satisfaction and excitement! There is absolutely something special about learning to grow and take care of herbs. You will feel connected to nature. That is why people love the Beginner’s Herb Gardening Challenge so much.
3. Always fresh herbs to flavor food and drinks
Growing herbs in your home, will allow you to harvest only what you need to flavor food and drinks, whenever you need or want.
Fresh herbs are also more flavorful than the dried herbs you can buy, and then we don’t even mention the savings you will make (herbs in the store are quite expensive).
4. Herbs are healthy
Fresh herbs can help boost the health content of your dishes. While it is known that lots of herbs can also be used for medicinal purposes, research shows that indoor plants may help brighten your mood, reduce stress and clean the air too.
Growing your own herbs indoors is a great way to maintain that spiritual connection to nature by growing at least a little bit of your own food.
5. Growing herbs is inexpensive
Fresh herbs can be quite expensive in the store for what you actually get.
Therefor it is just a great idea to grow your own herbs. You can grow your own fresh herbs for just a few bucks! All you need is a sunny window and some great information to get you started.
For beginner gardeners, it can also serve as an inexpensive entry into more expensive outdoor gardening.

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