Reasons Why People Download MP3 Songs Online DownloadLagu321

If you’ve ever wondered why people download MP3 songs online, here’s your answer. First, of course, we all know that downloading those song files is illegal and not good for the industry as a whole. And yet millions of people do it anyway.
So let’s take a look at some reasons why:
1) Instant Access: The main reason people download MP3s from is to gain instant access to the music. It’s fast and easy and gets rid of the whole waiting-for-the-CD-to-arrive part of music fandom.

No more wondering if that new CD you want will be any good, no more having to take a chance on it when it finally arrives. Just download it and enjoy!
2) Quality: Who wants to listen to music that’s compressed? It sounds terrible! Many people don’t even realize how low the quality is of typical “shaky-cam” bootleg videos on Youtube (which are just tiny unauthorized video clips from concerts).
So they’re amazed when they hear a good quality version on a CD. That’s why they download the MP3s themselves – so they can listen to it at its best on their iPods and other listening devices.
3) Availability: Some songs aren’t available in stores, either because the artist won’t put them out or because of some copyright/licensing issue that keeps you from being able to buy them in stores. For example, suppose you want to own the original studio version of “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper or “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson or even Adele’s album 21. In that case, you have to download them because they’re not available in stores in North America.
4) Limited Releases: Not every song is available at all times. More and more, record companies are making certain songs available for just a limited time or for a limited number of downloads before they become “out of print” (which means they’re no longer available for sale). This is very frustrating if you’ve already downloaded it but can’t get it anymore.
In conclusion, if you’ve ever wondered why people download MP3s, it’s for all of the reasons I outlined above. The record companies would do well to recognize this and adapt their business models accordingly.

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