The Many Uses of Organic Garlic

The Many Uses of Organic Garlic post thumbnail image

Garlic is a wonderful crop to grow in your organic garden. It is hardy, suffers from few pests, and can reward you with dozens of garlic bulbs to use over three months to a year. This article provides tips on how to grow and harvest garlic, and which varieties are best for your needs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of organic garlic. In addition to its many uses, garlic is also easy to grow and maintain.
Dried Organic Garlic Flakes can be used as a substitute for fresh garlic in your recipes. Dried garlic has the same flavor, and one level teaspoon can replace one clove of fresh garlic in a recipe. To make your organic garlic powder taste just like fresh garlic, simply reconstitute it in water for two to five minutes. It will be as flavorful as a whole clove. Organic garlic powder has a slightly larger grind than the powder, and should be used with caution with acidic ingredients such as vinegar or lemon juice.
Studies have shown that garlic can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Studies have also shown that garlic consumption can lower the risk of several common diseases of the brain. Garlic consumption may also improve bone health. A study of over 1,000 healthy female twins conducted over many years found that eating garlic daily had a significant impact on the risk of osteoarthritis. The study’s authors note that they are optimistic about the treatment of osteoarthritis using compounds extracted from garlic.
Consuming Fatboy organic garlic is shown to improve the function of white blood cells (neutrophils) and improve their ability to fight infections by lowering levels of a chemical known as lipopolysaccharide (LPS). It is hypothesized that this improvement in neutrophil function may occur through increased production of nitric oxide, which causes vasodilation, or increased production of prostacyclin (PGI), which causes vasodilation as well.

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